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Prof. YAVOR KONOV, PhD, DrSc (1964) graduated piano (with a medal) in National School of Music in Sofia (1983) and musicology (polyphony) & chorus conducting in National Academy of Music in Sofia (1991). Lessons by Nadia Boulanger (1978). Harpsichord master class (Orvieto, Italy, 1995). Doctor of Art (Ph. D., 1998) and Doctor of Art Sciences (Dr. Sc., 2006).

Polyphony professor (2005). Teaches in the New Bulgarian University, Sofia.

Co-founder and secretary of the Music society “Vassil Stefanoff”, Sofia. Deputy editor in chief of "Music. Yesterday. Today" magazine (Sofia, ISSN 1310-1443) from its founding to 2012.

Married (1999, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dent. Theodora BOLYAROVA-KONOVA, Ph. D.), 2 children (Theresa, 2000; Andrei, 2007).

Professor Dr. Sc. Konov is author of more than 200 publications, including the textbooks On the Polyphony (1995, 2/2001, 3/2003), Culture and Musical Art (1997), Ideas and Approaches towards Natural Piano-Playing (2003), annotated translations of The Principles of the Harpsichord (Paris, 1702) and New Treatise for the Accompaniment of the Harpsichord, Organ, and other instruments (Paris, 1707) by de Saint-Lambert (1998), Practical Elements of Thorough-Bass by W. A. Mozart (1999), The Art of Counterpoint (1558) by Gioseffo Zarlino (2003), Sébastien de Brossard: Dictionary of Music (1705). Translation and comments Yavor Konov (2010), monographs The First Harpsichord Treatise: “The Principles of the Harpsichord” of de Saint-Lambert (1998), Sébastien de Brossard and his Dictionary of Music (2003), On Gioseffo Zarlino and The Art of Counterpoint (2004), Lexicographic, Historiographic & Bibliographic Heritage of Sébastien de Brossard (1655–1730): Ecclesiastic, Musician & Erudite (2008), scientific studies, articles, and others.

Make use of French, English, Russian & German.

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